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CBC LYWB-IR550PA (BDN-0550IRSW) WDR Integrated Camera

CBC LYWB-IR550PA (BDN-0550IRSW) WDR Integrated Camera

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Product Specifications
  • The BDN-409IRSW (LYWB-IR550PA) integrated camera features Pixim “Seawolf” CMOS image sensor technology to provide unparalleled image quality, with 690 HTVL-E resolution. Superior WDR equips the camera to deal with the most demanding lighting conditions, delivering outstanding scene accuracy and image quality. The true day/night capability ensures clear, crisp daytime and accurate IR night time images, for thorough 24/7 surveillance. The dual integrate IR arrays allow the IR light to be focused to match the camera view, providing a great deal of scope and flexibility for scene illumination.

    * 690 HTVL-E resolution
    * Pixim “Seawolf” Technology
    * 5 - 50mm vari-focal auto iris lens
    * High resolution
    * True Day/Night
    * Integrated dual IR lighting arrays, with 100 metre range
    * Wide Dynamic Range
    * Quick and easy to install
    * Cable managed
    * 24vac powered