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CBC LWB-37PS (ATMC-37SW12) Wide Dynamic Camera

CBC LWB-37PS (ATMC-37SW12) Wide Dynamic Camera

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Product Specifications
  • The ATMC-37SW12 (LWB-37PS) Super Wide Dynamic camera module features the latest Pixim “Seawolf” CMOS image sensor technology with 690 HTVL-E resolution. The camera offers exceptional images in difficult lighting conditions and ensures accurate colour rendition over an entire scene. The pinhole lens is ideal for covert and discrete applications.

    * 690 HTVL-E Resolution
    * Pixim “Seawolf” Technology
    * 3.7mm Fixed Lens
    * High Resolution, Super Wide Dynamic Range
    * Internal
    * OSD
    * Quick and easy to install
    * Small and Discrete
    * 12V DC