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AMAG Symmetry Security Management System V7.0.1

AMAG Symmetry Security Management System V7.0.1

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Product Specifications
  • Symmetry v7.0.1 Security Management System is designed to provide powerful centralized integrated security management solutions including access control and digital video. It supports the latest Windows operating systems and a database including 64-bit variants, incorporates the Microsoft Ribbon bar menu for usability, and leverages .NET architecture for maximum performance.

    Symmetry v7.0.1 supports the fully integrated access control and intrusion detection system capability, and supports the Javelin card reader family. Card reader licenses and IP video integrations, cameras, or third party video systems can be added as required to enable easy security system expansion when needed.

    A few new features include the built in Symmetry Video Management System and the Active Directory Single Sign-On software option to allow system operators to access Symmetry using authentication with Microsoft Active Directory.