Product Profile
Salient CompleteView Enterprise

Salient CompleteView Enterprise

  • Supplier: Salient Systems
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2013/01/28
Product Specifications
  • CompleteView is built on the foundation of open architecture and provides the tools for unlimited scalability and flexibility to manage multiple servers and sites. Utilizing Single Seat Administration, CompleteView administrators have the ability to monitor the status of any and all servers, add or remove users, change configurations on servers and clients, and push software updates out to servers and clients from a single desktop application. To further simplify and organize complex deployments, CompleteView Enterprise allows for large sets of view layouts and maps to be grouped in a hierarchy using Structured Views.

    Expanding the capabilities of CompleteView Pro, our Enterprise software supports Active Directory/LDAP for User and Group memberships and provides the user the flexibility to view, control, search, and export video from virtually any type of camera, from any location from a single, easy to use and highly intuitive application. It is designed to take advantage of the latest processor and server technologies and utilizes the latest libraries, codecs, etc. for optimal performance in a virtual environment on internal, direct attached, or network attached storage as well as Storage Area Networks.

    * Supports unlimited cameras
    * Simultaneous record, playback, playback without export, live view, and expor
    * Single Seat Administration
    * Multi Server Configuration
    * AD/LDAP User and Group Support
    * Structured Views
    * Remote Software Update