Product Profile
Quintron AccessNsite

Quintron AccessNsite

  • Supplier: Quintron Systems
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2013/01/28
Product Specifications
  • Quintron’s next generation AccessNsite? software brings true meaning to the term Open Architecture. AccessNsite will run on a variety of operating systems including Windows, Linux, OSX, and others. You can choose from a variety of databases in which to store your valuable data such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and HSQLDB. And your choices don’t stop there. AccessNsite manages “best of breed” access control and intrusion hardware platforms such as Mercury, HID, DMP, and others.

    AccessNsite was written from the ground up as a Java application giving it unlimited system scalability, flexibility, and reliability. The user interface is intuitive to help you get the job done fast. Due to its object-oriented design, alarms and events aren’t just static information any more. Right-click on an “Access Denied” event and go directly to the badge record to see the assigned access rights. You can setup permissions on each login for granular control of what your users are allowed to do. Run simple reports from the information you are currently looking at, or create more complex reports against the entire database using the Reports module. Create maps of your facility and manage your alarms graphically. Drill down from a campus view, to a building view, to the actual room on the floor plan where the alarm is occurring. The modular design allows you to place windows where you want, even on multiple monitors.

    AccessNsite is designed to answer a wide array of needs from the small business to the large enterprise. Make use of everything from database partitioning for managing multi-tenant buildings, to our web client to manage your site remotely, or even our Enterprise Communicator to transfer badge records between multiple sites within an enterprise. AccessNsite is the total solution.