Product Profile
Motorola 4Home

Motorola 4Home

  • Supplier: Motorola Mobility (Google)
  • Region: United States of America
  • Updated: 2013/01/23
Product Specifications
  • Motorola's 4Home Software Solutions is  software platform that enables service providers to extend home control, monitoring, security and energy management services to subscribers and provides them with the flexibility to add new services as their business case evolves.

    4Home Software solutions let you offer your customers services for analyzing and optimizing energy consumption, monitoring and securing their residence, controlling climate systems, lighting and appliances.

    The 4Home software platform was designed to be flexible, future ready and scalable.

    Flexible solutions – the 4Home platform runs with a variety of hardware options including set-top boxes, broadband modems, routers or almost any other piece of hardware.

    Future ready and scalable solutions - the 4Home solution has the ability to expand to include additional services from Motorola and other developers based on the service providers evolving business goals. It also can adapt easily for new devices as they come on the market.