Product Profile
Grundig GCI-K1812W 2 Megapixel HD Flat Fixed Dome

Grundig GCI-K1812W 2 Megapixel HD Flat Fixed Dome

  • Supplier: Grundig Security
  • Region: Germany
  • Updated: 2013/01/15
Product Specifications
  • Grundig has added a competitive new IP, Full HD, indoor flat dome to its already comprehensive IP camera range. A key feature of the flat dome is its dual, triple and quad video streaming options at up to 1080p Full HD resolution in H.264 and MJPEG compression modes. This functionality is also found on Grundig's fixed, vandal-resistant and fully functional PTZ domes, box cameras and tube cameras. Progressive scan image processing using a CMOS sensor further enhances image quality.

    The flat dome camera also benefits from Progressive Scan technology. Each complete image in the video stream is updated at 30 FPS, rather than only alternate lines of the image as found in the more commonly used Interlace technology. This also creates less motion blur. The flat dome video format is 16:9, which can be rotated through 90° to provide portrait or landscape views. The portrait setting is particularly relevant for narrow fields of view like corridors, stairs and passageways.

    * 2 Megapixel IP Camera with Full HD 1080P real time video streaming
    * H.264 & MJPEG compression modes (max. 25 fps)
    * ONVIF protocol support
    * Lens: f = 4 mm
    * SD/SDHC memory card slot for alarm and schedule image recording