Product Profile
USS Scout X400 Public View Monitor

USS Scout X400 Public View Monitor

  • Supplier: Universal Surveillance Systems
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2013/01/15
Product Specifications
  • The Ultimate 9.7” Eye-Level PVM with DVR and Multiple Tamper Alert Alarms
    This vigilant sentry will stand guard over your aisles and check stands when you can’t. Protected by a multitude of tamper alert alarms, the unit’s bright, eye-level high resolution monitor discourages potential thieves by alerting them that they are being watched and recorded. The Scout X400 includes a host of features such as a built-in wide dynamic range camera, DVR, motion sensor trigger and digital signage capability to let you display messages to customers for marketing and other uses.

    The Scout X400 features a crystal-clear public view CCTV monitor in a heavy-duty commercial-grade case, WDR camera, multiple tamper alarms and digital signage capabilities to display messages to customers for marketing and other purposes. The monitor can also be used to display video messages or advertisements triggered by the unit’s built-in motion detector.

    * Crystal Clear Public View Commercial-Grade CCTV Monitor
    * WDR Camera
    * Built-in DVR
    * Secure, Multiple Alarms
    * Tamper Alarm
    * Video Obstruction Alarm
    * Back Door Ajar Alarm
    * Tilt Alarm
    * Built-in SD Card Player for Digital Signage
    * Motion Sensor to Trigger Selectable Functions