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UHF EPC GEN2 RFID Tag (for animal)

UHF EPC GEN2 RFID Tag (for animal)

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  • Specification

    1. Working frequency: ISM 860~960MHz

    2. Data memory capability: Monza 4QT technology, 128bits EPC code, 512bits user area data. (can custom-made)

    3. Working mode: read and write

    4. Dimension: 92×27×2mm (for sheep), 57×48×2mm (for cow), 67×49×2mm (for hog)

    5. Reading range: around 3~5m, related to reader and antenna (standard as output 30dBm)

    6. Working temperature: -40~80 centi-degree

    7. Used widely in animal management, install on animal ear.

    8. OEM is available!