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UHF RFID Tag (for laundry)

UHF RFID Tag (for laundry)

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Product Specifications
  • 1. Used for laundry in hotel and somewhere like this.

    2. 32bits kill passwords, 32bits access passwords, 96bits/128bits EPC code.

    3. It can read multi-tags(up to 50pcs/s ),and is not affected and restricted by tags’ quantity in work area

    4. Passive card design, no battery, inner memory can rub and write again and again more than 100000, have more than ten years effective using time limit

    5. Size: 90*23*2.1 mm

    6. Working temperature: -20℃~+200℃ (90℃ 3600Minutes, 150℃ 180Minutes, 200℃ 10Minutes)