Product Profile
Red Boys Transit Management Services

Red Boys Transit Management Services

  • Supplier: Red Boy Security
  • Region: India
  • Updated: 2012/12/22
Product Specifications
  • REDBOY provides a complete banking service which includes point-to-point transportation of cash, bullion and valuables, supply of tamper proof bags, and delivery or collection of valuables from national or international flights.

    The banking service includes counting and direct crediting of cash into your bank account, ATM management, vaulting facilities (meeting RBI norms), cash and check processing. All cash carried is fully insured while it is under our care and we can assist you in procuring a transit insurance policy against the loss of money and valuables whilst in transit.

    REDBOY provides a complete and comprehensive product line of armored trucks, armored vans; cash in transit (C.I.T.) vehicles, mobile check cashing and mobile ATM vehicles to meet the operational and high security needs of clients at international standards.

    Vehicles are armored to customers' exact specifications, and designs are only given after personal discussion with potential customers to evaluate the particular needs. They work hard to ensure that the components used are correctly specified to meet the need of the cargo carried. Customers' operational procedures are closely studied and reviewed so that vehicle design yields maximum safety for both crew and cargo. Different cargos face different threats, and therefore armored trucks require different protection. All of this is taken into account before designers at REDBOY start their work.

    Using armor of stainless steel, they provide their customers a virtual lifetime body that won't wear out and can be remounted on a new chassis several times. Using armor of aluminum, they provide our customers with the opportunity of higher payloads reducing the overall gross weight of our armored trucks. Using armor of Galvan Neal, they provide the price sensitive customer a high quality armored body built for years of reliable service.