Product Profile
3SI security CashTrack

3SI security CashTrack

  • Supplier: 3SI security Systems
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/12/22
Product Specifications
  • The tracking technology used for CashTrack enables stolen cash to be traced all over the globe across national borders. The device automatically activates when removed from its position and at the same time alerts police and dispatch officers of the robbery. The exact location of the CashTrack and robber can be tracked online via a secured website. 3SI's CashTrack has proven to be very effective – leading to apprehension of the criminals in 70% of the cases.

    * The device uses miniaturized technology and is perfectly concealed.
    * The device automatically activates when removed from its position.
    * As CashTrack functions fully automatically, personnel is not required to intervene, even when an attack occurs.
    * CashTrack is discrete: neither your staff nor your customers will have the perception that highly secured measures are in place.
    * Easy return of stolen cash.
    * Expensive security measures become unnecessary.
    * CashTrack requires minimal maintenance.
    * Your operational procedures do not need to change.
    * Tracking information is stored in a database for use in the follow-up investigation.