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Autonomy Virage Intelligent Scene Analysis

Autonomy Virage Intelligent Scene Analysis

  • Supplier: Autonomy Virage
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Updated: 2012/12/22
Product Specifications
  • Autonomy Virage Intelligent Scene Analysis System (iSAS) is an advanced solution to provide video analytics for the identification of items, objects and events within a video, and assist users of any CCTV system in the detection of important activity. This activity may be a potential threat, an illegal action or a situation where help is required. In fact, the system can be trained to detect whatever the user requires.

    Autonomy Virage iSAS integrates with any new or existing CCTV installation and can also be used retrospectively. No expert tuition is required, with the actual system operators training the system to their particular requirements. iSAS uses neural networking techniques pioneered by the recognized world leaders in recognition systems. The expertise of such a specialist producer guarantees quality of the highest standard in Autonomy Virage, as in all of our products.

    iSAS can be configured in a number of ways to handle the detection of a suspicious scene. For example, a single system could simply alarm a user, play a pre-recorded message over a loud speaker or begin the recording of images (pre-recording is also an option). Multi level systems, such as town centers, use a number of systems to send live, suspicious images to the operator's master unit. As well as holding a full set of suspicious image management options, the operator can also continue the training of each system to improve the overall performance.

    Industry figures show that up to 85% of on-screen information is lost within 15 minutes of the system operator being logged on and that most CCTV systems are less than 30% efficient. Virage iSAS takes up a high percentage of this loss, improving dramatically the efficiency of any CCTV system. The system identifies specific or potential incidents to operators for verification, action or both.

    Auotnomy Virage can be applied any new or existing CCTV system and can be trained by any proficient system operator without specialist input from Virage. iSAS adds a new dimension to the application of CCTV, be it motorways, town centers, airports, stadia, rail or metro stations. Wherever you have CCTV you should have Virage iSAS.