Product Profile
Open Solutions DNA Core Platform

Open Solutions DNA Core Platform

  • Supplier: Open Solutions
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Updated: 2012/12/22
Product Specifications
  • Open Solutions DNA is designed from the ground up to streamline operations, adapt to changing business needs, and manage the highly flexible relationships that exist between people, businesses and accounts.

    The system’s entire data model is based upon individuals and their relationships with your institution, rather than upon separate accounts. Because of the way DNA stores and manages information, it provides a full relationship view instead of the traditional account-level view, allowing you to better understand, serve, and market new services to your account holders.

    Open Solutions DNA also offers an open technology platform built on advanced, industry-standard components – including a powerful Oracle relational database and the Microsoft .NET application libraries. These components make DNA more secure, extendable, up-to-date and scalable than any other core application. Unlike proprietary core systems, our open architecture allows easy integration of ancillary applications while expanding your hardware, operating system and database deployment options.

    Finally, DNA offers you the power of the most active core user community in the industry, with the ability to share ideas, solutions and best practices that are usable by clients anywhere in the world, thanks to the person-centric data model that DNA pioneered.

    * Full teller and branch support functions integrated into DNA enhance ease of use without the complexities of layered applications
    * Highly customizable core solution utilizing DNA toolkits
    * Available as an on-demand or on-premise solution
    * Open architecture supports financial institutions’ choice of operating systems and hardware
    * Data integrity ensured by a secure, encrypted database and application design that eliminates redundancies and reduces error
    * Scalable solution supported by Oracle allows financial institutions to grow with the system
    * Easy integration with third-party applications
    * Less training time required for employees compared to traditional legacy platforms
    * Advanced security options reduce loss risk and fraud
    * Service fee and commercial fee flexibility, effectively address shrinking margins
    * Detailed relationship management database improves cross-selling and service excellence opportunities