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IBM Video Correlation/Analysis Suite

IBM Video Correlation/Analysis Suite

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  • Video correlation and analysis suite (VCAS) from IBM provides the ability to view, monitor and digitally record activity throughout your environment with real-time access to your critical security information. VCAS incorporates IT security and physical security to make it easier for airports and railway stations to use video surveillance for pedestrian flow monitoring and analysis, pedestrian safety, cargo inspection and other transportation logistics. VCAS provides a number of advantages over traditional video solutions, including:

    * Real-time alerts that can help anticipate incidents by identifying suspicious behaviors.
    * Enhanced forensic capabilities that allow unique indexing and attribute-based search of video events to classify objects into categories such as people and cars.
    * Situational awareness of a location, identity through facial recognition and activity of objects in a monitored space, such as abandoned luggage.

    VCAS can enhance security at transportation facilities, including airports, ports, railways and roadways. The solution can help:
    * Provide efficient video sequence data analysis either in real time or after an event occurs.
    * Use existing technologies to reduce implementation costs.
    * Utilize metadata search, which supports a wide range of queries on events that may or may not have been previously defined as alerts.
    * Track vehicles on roads or people on pavement to better understand traffic patterns, report congestion, provide real-time traffic assistance and support traffic planning.