Product Profile
Intellio Video System 2

Intellio Video System 2

  • Supplier: Intellio
  • Region: Hungary
  • Updated: 2012/12/22
Product Specifications
  • Intellio Video System 2 is a professional IP surveillance video management system with high scalability and redundancy built on an exceptionally efficient system architecture provided by Intellio Streaming technology. IVS2 is scalable from a single entry level site to multiple sites and enterprise class systems. Intellio Video System 2 supports a wide range of camera-side intelligent detectors, video content analytics in control of video transmission, recording and sending alarms to system operators. Intellio Video System 2 offers object recognition features, such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition with access control management and VisiScanner face analytics detecting gender and age to provide visitor statistics.

    Intellio Video System 2 is designed to work best with Intellio IP CCTV cameras. Intellio Servers and Clients are tested comprehensively and optimized for Intellio Video System 2 to achieve the best performance, highest reliability and most satisfying user experience.

    * Developed for Intellio smartcameras
    * Multi-megapixel network video recording
    * Monitoring 2×20 cameras per workstation
    * Scalable from entry level to multiple site solutions with monitorwall
    * Server redundancy – load balancing and camera take over
    * Smart Playback – intelligent search*
    * 3D map display
    * ONVIF compliant