Product Profile
Disvu ATM Surveillance Solution

Disvu ATM Surveillance Solution

  • Supplier: DISVU
  • Region: India
  • Updated: 2012/12/21
Product Specifications
  • DISVU Offers the optimum solution for key ATM related concerns-

    1) Identification of the ATM User: The 3 strategically located cameras captures acute details about the criminal and the crime. When a camera is installed within the visible vicinity of the ATM Branch , any person who wants to do any fraudulent activity would immediately like to break /mask the visible camera. But, without the information that the hidden pin hole camera is also capturing all his activity he can be put behind bars as his images are captured clearly. The image data of each camera can be stored in a file size of as long as 120 minutes for uninterrupted play back .

    2) Vandalism and break-in: Vandal proof cameras and Vandal resistant Metal Cabinet for DVR ensures minimum damage to the camera and recordings, in case the culprit triesto break the camera to hide his identity. Camera Alarm functions trigger an alarm on tampering or masking.

    3) Safe Transaction: Fully integrable to ATM Network port. This solution offers a unique feature of " text overlay" wherein all footage can be searched and sorted according to the card number. Making it easier and quicker to analyze the footage and detect fraudulent activity regarding ATM card.

    4) Centralized control: Fully CMS compatible DISVU ATM surveillance allows full extendability to Bank's CMS centers making it possible to view remote ATM locations live.

    The remote ATM recording can be downloaded through the Bank's own Network. 2 Tb internal hard-disk(optional) and easy backup options like USB and eSATA makes it convenient to store mandate data for 90 days.