Product Profile
EagleVision ATM DVR

EagleVision ATM DVR

  • Supplier: EagleVision
  • Region: Suriname
  • Updated: 2012/12/21
Product Specifications
  • Very Small Fully Functional ATM-DVR Server With Built in Text Receipt Overlay. The ATM-DVR is available In A Secure Locked Enclosure or in A Mini Case for Installation Inside The ATM. Package includes one Mini High Resolution Camera For Instillation Inside the ATM Machine.

    Small ATM Digital Video Recording Server Model# LM4 allows you to use up to 4 Cameras and up to 3 Text Inserter Connections... View-Recall-Playback activity with transaction receipt overlay on live video activity around the ATM. Perform Item Searches from text transaction receipt recordings using any text printed on ATM receipt. Connect [ATM] to LM4-DVR System as shown below directly through serial connections and connect 1 to 4 cameras to inputs on back of ATM-DVR.