Product Profile
NeoCam Web-based Surveillance Solution Service

NeoCam Web-based Surveillance Solution Service

  • Supplier: Neo IT Solutions
  • Region: Israel
  • Updated: 2012/12/11
Product Specifications
  • NeoCam takes care of your family and property with web based surveillance service, allowing you to manage and approach your home from any browser. You can view real time video, download archived records, view through mobile phone and get real time alerts by SMS, MMS and Email notifications!

    NeoCam provides you a constant eye contact with your home, by using advanced web based platform with instant availability. Keeping an eye on your kids and nursemaid or watching over private property has never been easier and inexpensive. NeoCam brings your home closer to you whenever you like!

    The service assures flexibility and efficiency providing an on-demand video solution. Now you can view your video content from any web browser and 3G mobile phones. NeoCam gives you the freedom to be anywhere any time, while giving you the freedom to always know what is going on assuring a peaceful mind. Key advantages

    * Friendly interface enables easy quick approach to the video
    * Secured video records archive gives you the ability to view the records whenever you like
    * Nursemaid tracking for exceptional behavior
    * Secured system access keeps your personal information safe and prevents from loss and theft