Product Profile


  • Supplier: NETGEAR
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2013/01/28
Product Specifications
  • VueZone makes home monitoring simple, with your own "personal video network." Place the innovative, totally wire-free cameras around your home or business and start viewing remotely in just minutes! See what matters most to you – from different angles and locations – on your network of VueZone cameras.

    Unlike other home monitoring systems, VueZone's completely wire-free camera design allows you to place them anywhere in your home and move them to another location quickly. Napping kids? Put one in their room. Going away for the weekend? Move the camera to monitor the front seconds.

    View your cameras from your smartphone, PC or Mac. And receive motion alerts when something important – or not important – happens! VueZone Mobile supports iPhone and Android phones.

    Add cameras. Get mobile apps. Monitor multiple locations. Add extra online storage. Pick a service plan that gives you access to the VueZone tools you need. Use of VueZone Mobile apps requires a paid subscription.