Product Profile
Halo 100 Starter Kit

Halo 100 Starter Kit

  • Supplier: Intamac Systems
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Updated: 2012/12/10
Product Specifications
  • The Halo starter kit is a wireless burglar alarm system and is all you need to get your 'connected home' up and running. This user friendly, self-install kit is a home security system with a difference - it can be monitored and controlled remotely. By registering your Halo system online you can monitor and control the system securely from anywhere in the world, via your PC or smart phone. This provides a fully automated burglar alarm system with keypad or key fob entry and the potential to achieve complete home automation and monitoring.

    * Remotely & securely accessed and controlled
    * Complete home security straight from the box
    * Add products and services to create a complete connected home
    * Can be used in conjunction with Halo monitoring services
    * Connects to broadband with PSTN backup
    * Supports up to 20 sensors and devices
    * Sends alerts and notifications via telephone, text message, email or Twitter
    * Easily upgradable
    * Fully wireless home and secure burglar alarms system
    * Self-install - DIY
    * 104dB internal siren