Product Profile
Tonali Automatic Gate DELO Series

Tonali Automatic Gate DELO Series

  • Supplier: Tonali
  • Region: Italy
  • Updated: 2012/11/28
Product Specifications
  • Requirements for security and aesthetics both in private companies and public institutions are growing continuously. DELO series barriers represent the ideal solution for a new concept of the entrance control system for places where high throughput, security, design and comfort are requested.

    The combination of stainless steel materials together with glass or wood or other materials, make DELO series perfect for employees and visitors access control in commercial offices, banks, airports and government institutions.

    - command and setting console (emergency escape/gate locked; passage one/both directions)
    - easy-link to third party manufactured access control/time and attendance systems
    - motorized mechanism in one or two directions according to the needs
    - software for manual remote control and gates status monitoring via PC
    - detect the attempt at unauthorized passage with monitoring sensors (single passage control)
    - proximity reader suitable space under dark glass of top cover
    - proxy and swipe-card and biometric readers easily added
    - in case of power loss the barrier will automatically open or stay closed according to the request
    - traffic lights