Product Profile
SKIDATA Vario.Gate Touch-Pad

SKIDATA Vario.Gate Touch-Pad

  • Supplier: SKIDATA AG
  • Region: Austria
  • Updated: 2012/11/28
Product Specifications
  • With the Vario.Gate ‘Touch-Pad’ your employees have a comprehensive view and full control right at the gate. Depending on the user permit, they can monitor what is currently happening in passive mode and receive access information in real-time. In active mode, they can intervene and take control if necessary.

    *Touch-pad optimized for outdoor use
    *Graphical user interface with touch technology
    *Vandalism-protected placement of wiring inside device enclosure
    *Adjustable viewing angle (horizontal and vertical) ensures optimum readability
    *Optional installation on support post of operator light or on separate support post
    *Direct access controls eliminate need for control PCBs
    *Customizable assignment of functions to keys, e.g. for registering and evaluating details of special guest categories
    *Display of ID photos helps reduce unauthorized transfer of tickets
    *Plain text display of ticket categories helps reduce ticket misuse
    *Damaged tickets can be verified easily and quickly right at the gate
    Operator login and input logging provide additional system security