Product Profile
EverView ScaleForce ALPR

EverView ScaleForce ALPR

  • Supplier: EverView
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/11/28
Product Specifications
  • ScaleForce ALPR system lets you take quick and secure control of all vehicles check weighing activities, without the additional cost and complication of issuing proximity cards, RFID tags or other similar devices. From the moment a truck arrives, a picture of the truck & license plate is captured and stored, and the license number is available for immediate and future data reference and automating weighing process. ScaleForce ALPR drastically reducing the chance for error and speeding up the process.

    *DOT and highway weighing stations
    *Police law enforcement
    *Enforcement of enforcement of infrastructure and traffic regulations
    *Port Authorities
    *Shipping Operations
    *Processing Facilities