Product Profile
Open Options WayPoint Visitor Management

Open Options WayPoint Visitor Management

  • Supplier: Open Options
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/11/28
Product Specifications
  • The WayPoint Visitor Management system is the most complete solution available for managing visitors and controlling their access to your facility.Whether using WayPoint stand-alone or closely integrated into the DNA Fusion security management system, you will be in total control.

    WayPoint is simple to use with its familiar Outlook interface and checking in visitors is extremely fast and accurate. Visitor badges can be programmed to activate or deactivate at any date/time you choose and when using in conjunction with DNA Fusion, all access can be predefined or issued at the time of registration.

    * Seamless integration to DNA Fusion security management system
    * Pre-register visitors or groups of visitors via web interface
    * Employee notification of visitor arrival via email
    * Assign temporary access and monitor visitor activity through DNA Fusion
    * Link to DNA Fusion or Active Directory for sponsor data
    * Print badges upon visitor arrival or in advance
    * Print barcodes
    * Custom design badge templates
    * Scan driver's licenses, business cards, and passports for ease of data entry
    * Capture and store signatures
    * Use alerts to send notification of visitors who are unauthorized
    * Report on all visitor activity and profile data
    * Screen visitors through national and state sex offender registries