Product Profile
TRENDnet SecurView Day/Night PTZ TV-IP422 (Version A1.0R)

TRENDnet SecurView Day/Night PTZ TV-IP422 (Version A1.0R)

  • Supplier: TRENDnet
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/11/15
Product Specifications
  • The Day/Night Pan/Tilt Internet Camera Server with Audio provides day and night security over a large area. See, hear and talk to people in your camera's viewing field day or night from any Internet connection.

    Secure a larger area with pan and tilt Internet cameras. Pan the camera side-to-side a remarkable 330° and tilt up-and-down 105°.

    The TV-IP422 provides high quality video streams over a secure remote connection. Advanced intuitive software includes motion detection recording, email alerts and scheduled recordings. This camera's brilliant image quality, pan/tilt functionality, day/night recording capabilities and built-in 2-way audio make it ideal for home, small office and business use.

    * Night visibility of up to 5m (16.4ft)
    * Secure a greater area with pan and tilt
    * Pan 330° side-to-side and tilt 105° up-and-down from any Internet connection
    * Program motion detection recording and email alerts with complimentary software