Product Profile
Sentry Electromagnetic Tagging System

Sentry Electromagnetic Tagging System

  • Supplier: Sentry Technology
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/11/13
Product Specifications
  • All Sentry Electromagnetic theft detection systems use Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to ensure the most accurate, reliable detection of EAS tags.

    * All Sentry security EM systems are compatible with other EM vendors
    * Aisle width between antennas can be 36" to 60" depending on the system and the security strip selected
    * Installed within 18" of metal doorframes, saving valuable floor space
    * Single, dual, and multiple aisle configurations
    * "Outside antenna detection" prevents passing items around the security system
    * Audible and visual alarms
    * Staff training manuals provided at no extra cost
    * Standard one year parts and labor warranty with extended warranty options