Product Profile
RADWIN 5000 Point-To-Multipoint Solution

RADWIN 5000 Point-To-Multipoint Solution

  • Supplier: RADWIN Ltd.
  • Region: Israel
  • Updated: 2012/11/08
Product Specifications
  • The RADWIN 5000 base stations are optimized for corporate access, video transmission and backhaul applications and serve multiple market segments, including carriers, service providers, enterprises, utilities, transportation companies and government entities. With RADWIN 5000, customers gain the advantages of a robust, high-capacity solution with improved spectrum efficiency and better tower utilization for overall lower total cost of ownership.

    * Up to 250 Mbps per base station sector
    * Long range - up to 40 Km/25 miles
    * Dedicated bandwidth per end-user; Guaranteed SLAs
    * Variety of subscriber units available from 5 to 50Mbps
    * Multiband operation over 2.5 to 6 GHz
    * Small form factor base station and subscriber units
    * Most advanced air-interface in the industry