Product Profile
Bynet Dynamic VMS Solution

Bynet Dynamic VMS Solution

  • Supplier: Bynet Data Communications
  • Region: Israel
  • Updated: 2012/11/02
Product Specifications
  • Bynet’s VMS implements a Centralized System Management and Configuration Module - Service Administrator Gateway (SAG):
    * The VMS system h as the ability to define more than one camera type both on administration and analytic session levels.
    * VMS support scalable deployment modes – from a single computer system (administration, analytics and storage rolesoperated on a single computer) to a fully distributed and redundant deployment. 
    *  VMS supports the ability to store recorded content in two different modes - on a single end user computer and on centralized storage. 
    *  Each camera has an unique identification name and number and all recorded contents created by a specified camera will be marked (leaded) with this identifier.
    * VMS supports the ability to define a recording scheduler for each camera in each organization:
      - For continuous recording.
      - For Video Motion Detection (VMD) recording.
      - For Video Content Analysis (VCA) recording. * VMS supports the ability to define recorded content life cycle. 
    *  Expired content deletion mechanism and storage alarms.
    *  Ability to define new cameras (according to a predefined camera manufacturer list) in a system in administration module. 
    *  Ability to define system users and users’ privileges for activities in the system. 
    *  Fully logged system - all historical information is stored in the database and not deleted. 
    *  Ability to add bookmarks and keywords (metadata) for a specific feed during recording and after recording. These bookmarks and metadata are part of the search functionality.