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IVR Controls SecurVizion

IVR Controls SecurVizion

  • Supplier: IVR Controls
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/10/31
Product Specifications
  • SecurVizion allows you to deploy products and services that deliver on-going benefits to your customers, while providing your business with recurring monthly revenue. These types of system services are sometimes referred to as a Video Management System (VMS) because every system that is installed has the technology to monitor the status of every camera, device, connection, router, modem, power supply, fan, motor, and hard drive every second of every day. All VMS platforms are not the same. Most are designed to work with a limited number of products developed by the device manufacturer themselves.

    SecurVizion also includes a very powerful and advanced system that provides a variety of automatic alerts. These alerts are generated whenever an event (ex: a car pulls into your driveway) occurs. They can be sent via text messaging to a mobile phone, e-mailed to a personal or business e-mail address or a combination of the two.

    SecurVizion is the core of the IVR Controls technology and provides perpetual alerts that can be customized to meet the needs of the customer. These can range from sending the alerts 24/7, to only sending during a certain set of days and times (scheduled) to only sending when a specific event occurs. These alerts free the customer from having to constantly "play back" video to see if something has occurred. Because they will have received an alert, they'll know exactly when any event took place and will be able to take immediate action, rather than respond after the fact.