Product Profile
MyCamServer HVaaS

MyCamServer HVaaS

  • Supplier: MyCamServer
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/10/31
Product Specifications
  • MyCamServer surveillance hosting puts you in control of your home or business. From our versatile service levels, to your custom MyTrigger events for automated monitoring, to always-on Total Support, MyCamServer makes hosted IP video surveillance simple and accessible for everyone.

    * 3 Video Hosting Service Levels to Meet Your Surveillance Needs
    * Set Up MyTrigger Alerts to Instantly Notify You of Motion on Camera
    * Secure Data: 24/7 Data Center Security + Hack-Proof Networks
    * You Have Sole-Access to Your Video – We Can’t See It Unless You Give Permission
    * Instant Camera Downtime Alerts
    * 24/7/365 Total Support for Tech, Installs, Monitoring and MyTrigger Setups
    * Scale Your IP Video Surveillance as Quickly as Needed