Product Profile
Secure-i Hosted Video Services

Secure-i Hosted Video Services

  • Supplier: Secure-i
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/10/31
Product Specifications
  • Secure-i offers a wide range of services designed to help your company increase recurring revenue, provide reliable hosted video service to your customers, and greatly increase your speed to market. Secure-i is built on enterprise-class infrastructure and backed by a highly experienced and knowledgeable team. Let us help you determine which service is best for your organization.

    Secure-i White Label Services provide all of the powerful infrastructure necessary for your organization to jump into the cloud and offer cutting-edge hosted video. And it is completely branded for your company.

    Secure-i Licensing Services are designed for those companies looking to offer a hosted solution but need a competitive edge to deliver a product before others in their market. 

    The services monitor and maintain the functioning of your system, to ensure that all components remain operational at all times. The Secure-i HVR system automatically provides continuous camera connection monitoring, sends disconnect notifications if they happen, and conducts firmware upgrades as they are available.