Product Profile


  • Supplier: Iveda Solutions
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/10/31
Product Specifications
  • A robust data center that is capable of hosting live and recorded video from IP-enabled security cameras allows instantaneous remote retrieval capability for video. Think of this as an off-site DVR solution. This capability enables Iveda Solutions to offer IvedaSentry, real-time video surveillance, remote simultaneous video access, and data archiving services, specifically for security and compliance applications.

    Although cameras can be accessed directly, if there's more than one person accessing that camera, the video quality and/or frame rate deteriorates. The ability to host simultaneous users is directly related and limited to the available bandwidth at the customer's facility. Basically, simultaneous users are sharing the bandwidth being utilized by that specific camera. Unless you have an in-house data center with abundant upload bandwidth, your site can only support one remote user at a time due to the size of video data.

    Iveda Solutions solves that problem by routing the video data through a secure data center. Iveda Solutions hosts customers' video online, allowing multiple simultaneous users remote access via the Internet using a standard Web browser, with no degradation of quality.

    Video hosting and remote video access services are ideal for public safety applications where multiple first responders may want to access certain cameras in the public domain for emergencies or criminal activities. It is also ideal for customers managing multiple cameras at multiple locations, such as national retail stores or storage facilities. Hosted video services, such as IvedaEnterprise, allow the customer to view their cameras from those locations in one easy-to-use dashboard.