Product Profile
Intransa VideoApplianc

Intransa VideoApplianc

  • Supplier: Intransa
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/10/31
Product Specifications
  • Intransa VideoAppliance features the best Intel server technology and CPUs, enterprise-grade disk drives from the industry's major manufacturers, server grade components, and providing standard Microsoft Windows application environments. But instead of designing Intransa VideoAppliance to be a good all around performer for a wide range of IT needs like word processing, spread sheets, email, presentations and databases, we build them for one specific thing: to be the best possible platforms for video surveillance, video analytics, access control and other physical security applications.

    The Intransa Technology Labs jointly test and certify physical security software applications, IP cameras and other hardware to ensure the most risk-free installation and ongoing operation possible. With hundreds of products tested and dozens of software choices available loaded on disk, ready for installation & initialization (requires activation key) without requiring Internet access or cumbersome CDs/DVDs onsite.

    * Easy to deploy, installer-ready video optimized physical security platforms
    * Simplified installation & ongoing operation
    * Reduce equipment, energy & support costs
    * All-in-one Server/Storage Appliances * Support for 1 to 160 typical IP cameras
    * Dozens of physical security applications certified and loaded on disk, ready for installation & initialization (requires activation key)