Product Profile
icomply Command & Control

icomply Command & Control

  • Supplier: icomply
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Updated: 2012/10/30
Product Specifications
  • The icomply Command & Control module for CCTV is designed to give operators flexible and immediate control over complex surveillance functions.

    We allow control rooms to customize the configuration of workstation monitors and media wall components. Operators can select different configurations for specific scenarios, such as special events, alarm activation and day/night time periods. Our customers can configure media walls seamlessly in a live environment, and numerous server components can be added into the one display system.

    At workstations, the video streams can be displayed on a single monitor or across a two or three monitor configuration. V-TAS Pro can display multiple independent streamed video sources simultaneously, regardless of camera manufacturer or image resolution. Access rights can be defined for various system users in a hierarchical structure.

    The Command & Control module enables control rooms to search and retrieve footage played back on workstations or a large video wall, whilst continuing to display images of the live incident in real time.