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Mirasys Carbon VMS

Mirasys Carbon VMS

  • Supplier: Mirasys Ltd.
  • Region: Finland
  • Updated: 2013/04/18
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Product Specifications
  • Mirasys Carbon VMS provides an unprecedented level of scalability, performance and intelligence in video surveillance. It supports thousands of video recorders and hundreds of thousands of cameras in an easily manageable system. Optional video wall and reporting tools further enhance the centralized surveillance and management capabilities.

    Mirasys Carbon VMS supports full-featured video content analytics (VCA) functionality. The built-in 'Open VCA platform' allows customers to select and introduce their preferred solutions from the Mirasys Technology Partners. Open VCA platform provides flexible integration interfaces and a comprehensive, harmonized metadata database for storing and retrieving the results of the various video analytics.

    Mirasys Carbon hybrid recorders come also with a pre-built, easy-to-deploy and full-featured VCA solution for analogue cameras. This provides a cost-effective entry to video analytics.

    The main integration interfaces are
    * Highly configurable text channels, which can be used to “tag” video with text or metadata or to generate events/ alarms from external systems
    * Feature-rich Software Development Kit (SDK) through which 3rd party applications can control, communicate and exchange data with the Mirasys system.