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Lenel SkyPoint 2.0

Lenel SkyPoint 2.0

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Product Specifications
  • SkyPoint 2.0, Lenel’s flagship IP-video and security platform, is the latest evolution of its VMS for streaming, recording and managing an unlimited number of cameras at multiple sites. This newest version of SkyPoint provides increased functionality to organizations from mid-sized to enterprise levels, including alerting and video analysis features that until today were limited to enterprise-scale solutions. Users of all sizes and types are now able to boost the productivity of their entire security system with SkyPoint 2.0, resulting in better security and lower cost of operation.

    * Scalable Kinetic Timeline - Indicating zones of detected motion, the timeline can be scaled to any desired time interval and ‘swiped’ to quickly review multiple cameras over an extended period, providing an overview of the events before and after an incident.
    * Motion Detection - SkyPoint Client Lite’s motion detection utility allows for accurate configuration of the detection parameters to match the speed and size of the moving object, selecting sampling rate, motion percentage and motion sensitivity.
    * Time Slicing - Time interval thumbnails allow drilling down through time to identify the exact moment an event occurred. Archived searches are shortened from hours to seconds, even in high traffic areas where motion detection might not be able to detect events.
    * Motion Slicing - The motion slicing tool automatically generates thumbnails of motion detection events within a defined zone, filtered by motion sensitivity and selected interval.
    * Alerts and Sequences - Access to alerts and entire event sequences, received from external physical security systems.