Product Profile
SightLogix Clear24 Thermal Camera

SightLogix Clear24 Thermal Camera

  • Supplier: SightLogix
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/10/25
Product Specifications
  • SightLogix Clear24 is the only outdoor thermal camera with a high degree of on-board image processing to present an outstanding thermal video optimised for the eye to see. SightLogix Clear24 image enhancement technology provides a high contrast image that comes close to black and white photo quality regardless of conditions, eliminating the need for additional visible cameras.

    Clear24 cameras are specifically designed for outdoor use. A sealed, nitrogen-filled NEMA4X-compliant enclosure keeps grit, dust, and moisture out, and ensures maximum performance even in humid conditions. Like all SightLogix cameras, Clear24 is designed to operate in environments ranging from the Canada Oil Sands to the Middle East desert.

    *Reveal objects that blend into the background
    *Automatically adapt to low-contrast (rain, humidity, fog)
    *Eliminate “white-out” to reveal targets in bright sun
    *Obtain clearer details at greater ranges with lower cost