Product Profile
Safety Vision ROADRECORDER 7000

Safety Vision ROADRECORDER 7000

  • Supplier: Safety Vision
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/10/18
Product Specifications
  • Safety Vision’s RoadRecorder 7000 network video recorder supports up to 12 high-definition IP cameras with single cable connectivity utilizing PoE. This mobile DVR has a wide range of communication and connectivity options to provide anytime, anywhere access to all authorized users and maintenance personnel. Designed from the ground up to withstand the vibration and shock of mobile environments, the mobile HD NVR ensures reliable recording and long-term, on-board storage with its SafeStor technology. SafeStor technology is an on-board recording and storage solution combining the reliability of SSD and the large storage capacity of hard disk drives HDD.

    With its multiple Ethernet ports and built-in 3G modem, remote connectivity can be established anywhere. Also, the robust software ecosystem including LiveTrax vehicle tracking and video streaming service combined with SafetyNet central management system allows authorized users to check health status, create custom alerts, track vehicles, automate event downloads just to name a few things it is capable of.