Product Profile
Intellio Network Bullet Camera

Intellio Network Bullet Camera

  • Supplier: Intellio
  • Region: Hungary
  • Updated: 2012/10/04
Product Specifications
  • The Intellio ILD-BL bullet camera series comprises smartcameras with onboard, advanced video analytics. The bullet camera equipped with infrared LED's can provide remarkable images up to a distance of 85 meters even in complete darkness by virtue of its built-in light intensity adjustment. The robust, aluminum tube housing is water- and dust-resistant and remains operational outdoors even amidst extreme weather conditions and temperatures.

    * Infrared LED-illumination up to 110 meters with adjustable light intensity
    * Smartcamera with onboard video analytics
    * Intellio Streaming technology: a cost-saving solution
    * 1.3 MPix WDR CMOS sensor
    * Intellio Video Codec / H.264 / MJPEG video compression
    * Bandwidth-management
    * Resists extreme weather