Product Profile
Venitem DOGE AS1

Venitem DOGE AS1

  • Supplier: Venitem
  • Region: Italy
  • Updated: 2012/10/04
Product Specifications
  • Doge AS1 is the wireless model of Doge, that joins elegance and refined design, to sophisticated multi functionality and technology. Doge wireless works with a bidirectional device able to control up to 8 Doge AS1 sirens.

    It assures a total protection also in wide spaces. Doge AS1 has a vast chromatic range, obtained thanks to a special painting process able to preserve the colours in time, and able to satisfy the most exigent aesthetic needs of customers. It also offers the chance to be customized with application of embossed stickers and logo.

    Main technical features: self powered wireless siren, bi-directional, supervised with patented anti-foam and anti-shock protection. It works in combination with the bi-directional transceiver ATX2/S (with internal siren) and ATX3, able to control up to 8 Doge AS1 sirens, 4 programmable sounds, 4 programmable timings, optical-acoustic signaling of the system state. Powered by 7.5 V alkaline battery pack SIZE “D”. The autonomy is about 2 years including 4 daily ON/OFF operations and 1 monthly alarm-on.