Product Profile
Concept Smoke Screen Pro Series

Concept Smoke Screen Pro Series

  • Supplier: Concept Smoke Screen
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Updated: 2012/09/26
Product Specifications
  • ELM+ AND HP+
    The Rapid Range has undergone a radical overhaul, with both the ELM (Entry Level Model) and the HP (High Powered) models bolstered by major improvements. Both units (ELM+ and HP+) now come with a steel heater block as standard, precision engineering at the very heart of the device. Steel offers a host of benefits: it can store more heat energy and therefore produce smoke for longer. Steel can be machined to much tighter tolerances during the manufacturing process ensuring reliability and uniform fluid phase change. This, in turn, helps generate smaller and more consistent particle size – 10 times smaller than particles produced using aluminium.

    Multi-nozzle functionality boosts production even further. The HP+ possesses a larger fluid compartment to boot, sporting a fluid bladder double the previous size.

    The new units have been fitted with integrated battery back-up, as such they are capable of operating up to an hour after mains fail, in line with current standards.