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MULTIEYE People Counter

MULTIEYE People Counter

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Product Specifications
  • With MULTIEYE PeopleCounter artec tecchnonologies AG offers sn easy-to-install, uer-friendly, cost-efficient and scalable solution for counting people / obejcts.

    System Description
    The network-based (standalone mode is also possible) solution MULTIEYE PeopleCounter for the efficient counting of people is easy to install subsequently into exisitng MULTIEYE video surveillance systems (even remote installation is possible). Existing ceiling cameras can normally be used without any problems. Customers walking through the pre-defined sensor area will be counted independent of direction. The collected data is automatically saved in a database and can be individually saved in a database and an be individually analyzed by users.

    *Camera independent: Reduces costs by flexibility of choice
    *Interfaces: Integration of cash-desks, ATM, scanners and other system data via the MULTIYE DataLog module
    *Software-based network application: Remote access
    *Real-time operation: Fast access to current data
    *Remote administration: Reduced maintenance costs
    *Universal measurement in terms of direction: Simultaneous multi-directional count of persons when entering and leaving
    *Integration into existing systems possible: No need to invest in a new external server