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MULTIEYE-HYBRID GreenWatch Video Recorder

MULTIEYE-HYBRID GreenWatch Video Recorder

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Product Specifications
  • The MULTIEYE-HYBRID GreenWatch recorder with 8 channels is the ideal product for demanding surveillance tasks in smaller projects or sites. It is characterized by user-friendliness, functionality and efficient operation.

    The GreenWatch HYBRID recorder features 4 analog and 4 IP video inputs. It can process image data rates of up to 280 megapixels per second and is thus perfectly suited for applications in connection with megapixel cameras. To enable the easy integration of network cameras, the software supports more than 600 of the most common IP cameras and video servers from more than 80 different manufacturers. This enables fast and uncomplicated adaptation.

    *8-channel hybrid video recorder, of which 4 analog and 4 IP video inputs are activated
    *1 TB storage capacity
    *1 video monitor output for analog cameras
    *Recording frame rate: max. 200 fps*, thereof 100/120 fps analog
    *Image processing data rate max. 280 MPixel/s*