Product Profile
LEGIC OS-4000 V2.0 and SM-4500

LEGIC OS-4000 V2.0 and SM-4500

  • Supplier: LEGIC Identsystems Ltd
  • Region: Netherlands
  • Updated: 2012/09/26
Product Specifications
  • The new reader chip SM-4500 and the new OS-4000 V2.0 make the LEGIC advant 4000 series the most versatile reader generation of LEGIC. The great novelty of the SM-4500 is his initialisation function, which enables the creation and the management of segments on LEGIC transponders. With the installation of OS-4000 V2.0 the complete LEGIC advant 4000 series further supports common third party transponders, e.g. MIFARE Classic und MIFARE DESFire. This feature opens up a bigger market for readers. Through its compact design, its low-power consumption and a versatile and simple application interface LEGIC advant 4000 based readers integrate themselves in a wide variety of applications.

    Creation and management of segments with the SM-4500 The new SM-4500 includes the complete function set to create and manage segments on transponder chips. Thus the initialisation of smart cards becomes easier and the management of a system is more comfortable than ever before.

    Interoperability with MIFARE transponders LEGIC advant 4000 reader modules support all common RF standards and can therefore be used in an extreme wide variety of installations. With the introduction of the OS-4000 V2.0, this key feature is further enhanced – so that, besides the RF standards, the required cryptographic functions for the complete MIFARE transponder family are supported by LEGIC advant 4000 readers.

    New features and a full backward compatibility The coexistence of LEGIC advant 4000 readers in existing installations is secured by a full backward compatibility with all existing LEGIC products. The SM-4500 is further pin-compatible with the SM-4200 and thus integrates itself easily in existing designs. New installations benefit additionally from the extended possibilities and the higher efficiency – which is also prepared for future challenges.

    Suitable for all applications The LEGIC advant 4000 series features an extremely compact design and low-power consumption. A smooth integration in readers, easy deployments with battery-powered applications and a simple usage of the smart card technology offer attractive designs, new applications and a unique comfort for operators and users.