Product Profile
ACTpro 1520 single door IP controller with PSU

ACTpro 1520 single door IP controller with PSU

  • Supplier: Access Control Technology
  • Region: Ireland Rep.
  • Updated: 2012/09/26
Product Specifications
  • The ACTpro 1500 is a single door IP controller expandable up to 32-doors via ACTpro door stations and supports 15,000 users. The ACTpro 1520 comes with an integral 12 volt DC power supply unit.

    The power supply outputs the full 12Volt DC 2A and has an additional 0.5A for battery charging. The power supply status is displayed on the front cover with LEDs and can be monitored directly using the integrated webserver or the ACT software which displays the actual voltage output.

    The supply voltage can be monitored on the web server in the controller or from the ACTWin software.

    It can be set-up and administered via its built-in web server or through the established ACTWin software application. Key features include voltage monitoring, break glass monitoring, status LEDs for fault indication and cable management improvements such as a raised PCB and more space in the enclosure.

    * TCP / IP - DHCP / Static IP addresses
    * Built-in web server
    * Break glass monitoring
    * USB connection for ACTWin software
    * Controls up to 32 doors
    * Entry & exit reader standard
    * Reader short circuit protection
    * 15,000 users (2 credentials per user)
    * 250 user groups Voltage monitoring