Product Profile
LEGIC Trusted Service Management (TSM)

LEGIC Trusted Service Management (TSM)

  • Supplier: LEGIC Identsystems Ltd
  • Region: Switzerland
  • Updated: 2012/09/25
Product Specifications
  • * Loading keys, applications and rights onto smartphones 
    This new LEGIC service will enable end customers and the more than 250 LEGIC partners to load their applications on NFC-enabled mobile telephones. This allows access rights, for example for hotel room authorisations, and/or payment applications, changed or deleted over a mobile network. The new service supports – like the innovative LEGIC advant reader chip family – also third party RF technologies.

    * LEGIC: an ideal platform for NFC services
    Particularly worth highlighting is that LEGIC reader components, and thus a large proportion of the reader infrastructure in the field, have been NFC-enabled for the last five years. The demonstrated LEGIC NFC solution virtualises a card and places all the usual card functions on a secure chip in the telephone. Thus LEGIC technology users will be able, for example, to combine their employee ID cards for several locations on a single handset.

    * Close cooperation with MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) 
    *  Virtual cards increase flexibility
    * Demand for NFC
    LEGIC has 150 million cards in over 100,000 installations in operation around the world and the demand from customers and partners to use smartphones as an alternative to cards is growing all the time. In many cases cards and NFC telephones will be used in parallel. On this topic Burke said: “We see it as our purpose to create an ecosystem for our partners and customers, which enables these plans. This ecosystem will continue to grow with the goal that any smartphone be used anywhere as a card or reader. There is still a great deal to do to achieve this goal, but the first steps in this direction and the positive experience we have had with MNOs make us very optimistic.”