Product Profile
Sielox Pinnacle Version 9

Sielox Pinnacle Version 9

  • Supplier: Sielox
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/09/24
Product Specifications
  • Integration with Salto wireless locks
    * The new Pinnacle version 9 and a single 1700 Main Controller with 18.20 firmware will support up to 16 wireless locks, and two hardwired locks!
    * Secure more interior doors cost effectively

    Support for 1700 Terminal Controller under legacy 900 Main Controller
    * Replace Legacy 300/600 Terminal Controllers with 1700 Terminal Controller
    * Plan/Budget your migrations away from legacy controllers

    Lock / Block & Unblock – Emergency Lock Down
    * Emergency Lockdown with the press of a button
    * Provide enhanced security for emergency situations
    * Configurable to lock/ unlock any or all doors and block readers

    Enhanced Cardholder Search
    * New & Improved Autofill search function allows users to quickly find & search
    * Cardholders Save last search criteria

    Time & Attendance Event Database Export
    * Optional License
    * Schedule export of admitted transactions
    * Filtered by custom field i.e. Company name