Product Profile
BriefCam Video Synopsis Version 2.3

BriefCam Video Synopsis Version 2.3

  • Supplier: BriefCam
  • Region: Israel
  • Updated: 2012/09/24
Product Specifications
  • BriefCam Video Synopsis is an innovative technology for rapid video review. On average, 1 hour of footage can be reviewed in 1 minute. This is accomplished by presenting all events simultaneously, even if they have occurred at different times. All events may be indexed back to the original with a single mouse click.

    Version 2.3 is a significant advance in BriefCam’s Video Synopsis technology, with refinements that include:
    * Enhanced object detection in extreme video conditions: dark, low contrast, very small objects, grainy/noisy video.
    * Improved object tracking allowing for easier traceability.
    * Upgraded video quality: supporting high resolution cameras of between 1-3 megapixels.
    * Convenient tracking of individual events using the mouse wheel.
    * Annotation function to facilitate collaboration between investigators.

    These features come in addition to already existing functions such as time-stamps, event markers, Area of Interest / Area of Exclusion, event density and runtime speed — all of which enable operators to control the process of video review with greater speed and efficiency.

    The BriefCam product range comprises VS Forensics, an offline version for post-event investigation; and VS Enterprise, which provides both real-time and post-event Video Synopsis capability, either as a plug-in or embedded to the VMS.

    BriefCam has deepened its technology partnerships; VS Enterprise Version 2.3 is embedded tightly within Genetec; Milestone; and OnSSI VMS products.