Product Profile
Smartvue S9Q Servers

Smartvue S9Q Servers

  • Supplier: Smartvue Corporation
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/09/24
Product Specifications
  • Smartvue S9Q servers are designed for locations with up to ten cameras. They offer professional video surveillance features at competitive pricing with built-in cloud surveillance services at no additional cost.

    * Unified Hardware and Software Solution
    Smartvue S9Q servers feature Smartvue VMS software and fully integrated cloud support in one plug and play solution.
    * Works with Almost Any Network
    Smartvue Linux-based video management systems offer easy integration with almost any existing network or hardware infrastructure.
    * Easy to Use
    Self configuring camera setup, one click cloud registration and easy to use web-based interface make for simple scalable surveillance.
    * Award Winning Apps
    Free apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android and now Windows 8. View live video, search and play back recorded video. 
    * Apple and Windows
    Smartvue runs in most web-browser on almost any Apple or Windows computer. No software to install. No ActiveX plug-ins.
    * Automated Camera Configuration
    Smartvue supports more than 250 industry leading cameras including HD mega-pixel and existing analog cameras. * Secure Linux Appliance
    Smartvue video surveillance appliances are web-browser based and run secure Linux operating systems.
    * Cost Effective at $899
    Smartvue S9Q servers start at only $899 for 320GB server and include one free Cloudvue cloud video management user account.
    * Download Smartvue Solutions Catalog
    The 2012 Smartvue Catalog lists Smartvue products, services and server hardware specifications.